Monday, July 13, 2009

Take down....

This is the moment hubby is been waiting for. The take down .... reversal of his colon to where it should be. He almost did not have this appointment today. Dr. Marshall's scheduler coordinator forgot his time slot. He was scheduled as an add-on . I would have prefer for him to re-schedule on Friday but hubby is so persistent.

We arrived at UNC Hospital at 5:30 am today. He was wheeled in to O.R. around 7:45. Thank God he will be done early. The procedure is going to take from 3 to 5 hours. Hopefully everything is doing wonderfully.

Until this day, I cannot think how I survived of it all . Despite of what happen, we have a lot of bonding time and it really bring closeness . I cannot thank enough the God in heaven for protecting him that day. He will be good as "new person" when he gets out from surgery. All fix up!


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Update.....May 31, 2009

It's been awhile I have not updated everyone about hubby. He is doing wonderful and been a good boy following doctor's order. Walking twice a day and lifting baby weights twice a week.

His appetite is good and gain about 5 of 25 pounds he had lost. Everyday is never a dull moment. Isabel is not currently attending MSOS and she is home helping mommy taking care of her daddy.

Isabel has grown up a lot. She is proud to say she is now 50 lbs. It's funny.... she always had her figures mixed up. Doc Jerge ask how old she is and she said......." 50....." she meant lbs .. what????? we all have a good laugh.

He is really happy. It's finally almost time to say goodbye to ostomy bag.... reconnection time that is. We had just seen his doctors last Thursday . It is a good news! We are going back on June 3rd for CT Scan. Normal procedure to check if there is any infection left in the abdomen. July 17th is the survey . A colonoscopy procedure to look at how much he had healed internally. Hopefully everything is WELL and my decision to quit my job paid off. He is just like a brand new person!

It is been one long journey for us and the whole family. Praying to God this will be over soon .

He is looking forward to going back to work soon.....So it means it's almost time for me to go back to work , too!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Home Finally 4-22-09

Yeah! we are home finally ( hope it's for good) . There is no better place like home. We finally have a good night sleep since our stayed in the hospital. We just have to get his blood check every other day to make sure INR is on the right therapeutic level . Today , INR is only 1.6 it means the blood is a little thicker. We are hoping it should go back to 2 thru 3.

Best Regards!

Friday, April 17, 2009

It was a tease! Another set back- blood clot

I was glad that we are home last April 15 but at the same time a little nervous . I left him in care of his uncle David and I went to town to get his prescription filled . My phone rings within 2 miles from home and he sound so distressed. Man! scared the heck out of me....
He thinks he had asthma attack. I then gave him Pro Air to help him breath easier. I look at him and he just look so sick. Cold hand, sweating and trying to catch the next breath. Few minutes pass by and he said he's feeling a little bit better. He doesn't sound convincing at all. So, I just observed him.

The following day, his sister Becky called the doctors in UNC to obtain a oxygen prescription. Nurse called back and we are told to go back to ER. That conversation ended so quickly. He does not want to sit in ER . So, I tried to call back again . Doctors Marshall quickly return my phone call and we got the same answer " go to the ER " His reason was " it might not be an asthma, it could be something else and that he needs to be seen by a doctor". I called his primary physician office and I was only given 1o minutes to take him in. Wewwww... I knew I couldn't make it but I took him anyway. At least we are there and they couldn't deny treatment.

It was probably a good wait until we are called in. The nurse was so helpful and took him immediately to the room. I answered the rest of the assessment. Dr. Tyler recognize me immediately. ( wow! that was almost 10 years ago ) I told him about hubby. In a few minutes he was in the room with us. Trying to diffuse the intensity of seriousness , he tried to be funny.
Took x-ray and vital signs. Oxygen saturation is only 87 at room air. That was way too low . He immediately told us to head to UNC ER .

After 8 hours of test and assessment. We are told he had a blood clot in his lung. The good news is it's away from the main artery. They immediately started him on large dose of heparin , anti-biotics and IV fluid. I was tired and sleepless . I couldn't believed I survived 19 days and it's not over yet. I have another 4 months to hurdle. Hopefully, it's getting easier day by day.

He is currently resting in bed at this time watching MASH while I am typing away this blog.

Respectfully yours,

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Finally going home.....

He woke me up before seven . He look like he had really a good night sleep last night inspite of the pain from the 3rd JP drain site. It was place in a location where there is a lot of nerve endings and really hurt when he move around. He was on morphine last night every 2 hours and oral pain medicine every 4 hours. Victoria was our nurse last night and she is really awesome and caring . She make sure he is comfortable and brings the medicine on time. I applaud people who is in this kind of proffession.

The team of Trauma doctors ( Interns of course!) came in this morning right after I got out of bed. I was really speechless when Dr Kuri said we are going home today April 15, 2009 . Although, the white blood count is at 17 but there is really no reason why we can't go home. Hubby did not even show a slight protest that he is not comfortable yet of going home. Ok, but what about the pain? Hello? I couldn't process my question fast enough to ask the Dr's . I just stood there half awake and said " ok, thank you! " Damn! we can't get access to morphine ... Well he might just have to get used to oral meds.

It's 9:15 am and we are waiting for the 1st JP drain removal. Ouch! that sound aweee! but Dr. Kuri assured him it's a whole lot easier removing the tube than putting it in . At least it's a little comforting ....

We received a few cards from friends and family. Mr. Mann, Shawn and his Family and DA's office. Thank you guys for remembering him in time like this.