Thursday, April 23, 2009

Home Finally 4-22-09

Yeah! we are home finally ( hope it's for good) . There is no better place like home. We finally have a good night sleep since our stayed in the hospital. We just have to get his blood check every other day to make sure INR is on the right therapeutic level . Today , INR is only 1.6 it means the blood is a little thicker. We are hoping it should go back to 2 thru 3.

Best Regards!


  1. busy days ahead for you Elaine, you take such good care of your hubby.. hope he gets well soon

  2. good news ding nga naa na diay mo sa inyo hauz ron.. i hope continue na ang recovery ni kirk pra maau na cya ug dali..

    au au dha ha! dli lang ko mag sinamok nimo ron.. hayyy ga work ko 6days straight then change hours pa jud ang lowes kapoy kaau oi.