Sunday, May 31, 2009

Update.....May 31, 2009

It's been awhile I have not updated everyone about hubby. He is doing wonderful and been a good boy following doctor's order. Walking twice a day and lifting baby weights twice a week.

His appetite is good and gain about 5 of 25 pounds he had lost. Everyday is never a dull moment. Isabel is not currently attending MSOS and she is home helping mommy taking care of her daddy.

Isabel has grown up a lot. She is proud to say she is now 50 lbs. It's funny.... she always had her figures mixed up. Doc Jerge ask how old she is and she said......." 50....." she meant lbs .. what????? we all have a good laugh.

He is really happy. It's finally almost time to say goodbye to ostomy bag.... reconnection time that is. We had just seen his doctors last Thursday . It is a good news! We are going back on June 3rd for CT Scan. Normal procedure to check if there is any infection left in the abdomen. July 17th is the survey . A colonoscopy procedure to look at how much he had healed internally. Hopefully everything is WELL and my decision to quit my job paid off. He is just like a brand new person!

It is been one long journey for us and the whole family. Praying to God this will be over soon .

He is looking forward to going back to work soon.....So it means it's almost time for me to go back to work , too!


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  1. hello ding thank God everything went good and i've been always checking your blog to see if you had new updates about kirk .. so happy to know about all the Good news.. me here is doing fine.. gaining alot of weight.. i probably be working until end of june if makaya pa.. it start hurting my lower back then its getting crazy kay naay uban tao sa work dli kasabot makapungot maong stop sa gyud ko for a while..

    take care always!