Friday, April 17, 2009

It was a tease! Another set back- blood clot

I was glad that we are home last April 15 but at the same time a little nervous . I left him in care of his uncle David and I went to town to get his prescription filled . My phone rings within 2 miles from home and he sound so distressed. Man! scared the heck out of me....
He thinks he had asthma attack. I then gave him Pro Air to help him breath easier. I look at him and he just look so sick. Cold hand, sweating and trying to catch the next breath. Few minutes pass by and he said he's feeling a little bit better. He doesn't sound convincing at all. So, I just observed him.

The following day, his sister Becky called the doctors in UNC to obtain a oxygen prescription. Nurse called back and we are told to go back to ER. That conversation ended so quickly. He does not want to sit in ER . So, I tried to call back again . Doctors Marshall quickly return my phone call and we got the same answer " go to the ER " His reason was " it might not be an asthma, it could be something else and that he needs to be seen by a doctor". I called his primary physician office and I was only given 1o minutes to take him in. Wewwww... I knew I couldn't make it but I took him anyway. At least we are there and they couldn't deny treatment.

It was probably a good wait until we are called in. The nurse was so helpful and took him immediately to the room. I answered the rest of the assessment. Dr. Tyler recognize me immediately. ( wow! that was almost 10 years ago ) I told him about hubby. In a few minutes he was in the room with us. Trying to diffuse the intensity of seriousness , he tried to be funny.
Took x-ray and vital signs. Oxygen saturation is only 87 at room air. That was way too low . He immediately told us to head to UNC ER .

After 8 hours of test and assessment. We are told he had a blood clot in his lung. The good news is it's away from the main artery. They immediately started him on large dose of heparin , anti-biotics and IV fluid. I was tired and sleepless . I couldn't believed I survived 19 days and it's not over yet. I have another 4 months to hurdle. Hopefully, it's getting easier day by day.

He is currently resting in bed at this time watching MASH while I am typing away this blog.

Respectfully yours,


  1. he will be ok..just need ome time. with a wife as supportive as you no wonder he will recover fast. keep smilin though laine

  2. more prayers for the family Elaine, hope nga okey ra ka sad

  3. you have our prayers and support mommy elaine.
    how's isabella?