Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Finally going home.....

He woke me up before seven . He look like he had really a good night sleep last night inspite of the pain from the 3rd JP drain site. It was place in a location where there is a lot of nerve endings and really hurt when he move around. He was on morphine last night every 2 hours and oral pain medicine every 4 hours. Victoria was our nurse last night and she is really awesome and caring . She make sure he is comfortable and brings the medicine on time. I applaud people who is in this kind of proffession.

The team of Trauma doctors ( Interns of course!) came in this morning right after I got out of bed. I was really speechless when Dr Kuri said we are going home today April 15, 2009 . Although, the white blood count is at 17 but there is really no reason why we can't go home. Hubby did not even show a slight protest that he is not comfortable yet of going home. Ok, but what about the pain? Hello? I couldn't process my question fast enough to ask the Dr's . I just stood there half awake and said " ok, thank you! " Damn! we can't get access to morphine ... Well he might just have to get used to oral meds.

It's 9:15 am and we are waiting for the 1st JP drain removal. Ouch! that sound aweee! but Dr. Kuri assured him it's a whole lot easier removing the tube than putting it in . At least it's a little comforting ....

We received a few cards from friends and family. Mr. Mann, Shawn and his Family and DA's office. Thank you guys for remembering him in time like this.

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