Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Life Changing moment: March 29

One fateful day March 29, my daughter Isabel wants to call her daddy. So, we call her dad and got a voicemail. He called back and said he can't really talk he is in a tree. OK, but try explaining that to a 5 year old. She was crying.... I really felt odd at that time and I don't know why. I guess little children have some kind of premonition. I am not even sure if this is the right word. So, I was trying to calmed her down and successfully diverted her attention in helping me making a bread. Mixed all the ingredients and proof it in the oven. Just as I about to do other chores, Lisa my sister in-law came in and said we have to hurry . Kirk have an accident and was taken by an ambulance to the hospital. What ???&%$$##$# the heck could happen? Panicked sets in. I don't do well in any emergency situation . All I can say is God! over and over again. I got dressed in one minute and brushed my teeth and off we go. I don't even care how I look . No make up or lipstick not even a lip gloss. Just lucky there was a comb in my purse.Off we go, drop Isabel in Ashley's care who was still in her pajamas and oh that wild bed hair. I was supposed to gave her a bath that morning but unfortunately things happen. Guess what happen to that bread proofing in the oven? Still proofing for the whole day until I remembered and called her sister to turn the oven off.

My husband and his brother was working in Lexington , NC which is about 2 hours from where we live. They were cutting trees to put a gravel path to start a construction for a new house for his other brother who currently reside in New Mexico and wants to move back to NC. Ride on the way to Wake Forest Baptist Hospital was rough. Lisa drove and I knew I couldn't drive. I was too nervous and I don't want to end up having an accident . I was quite on the way and I prayed to God to keep him alive. I don't want to raise Isabel without a Daddy . Of course it doesn't help all of this crazy scenarios running through my brain. I braced for the worst to come. It even scared the heck out of me when we got the call and inform us that he wasn't stable. I couldn't even remember what my reaction was but I guess I was shock. I didn't cry but I continued my prayers and ask God that this isn't the time to take him away from me. Our daughter is just 5 years old and we really needs him.

We we're lost several times and went to a wrong hospital. We finally reached Baptist hospital after 2 hours. He was lying in ER with a neck brace covered in white sheet. All of his clothing was cut. He open his eyes and look at me . Said he was sorry for what happen. I just want to cry that time but I stayed composed. I want to be strong for him .

Up to this point , I wasn't sure exactly what happen . All I knew is big boys toys like backhoe is dangerous . Imagined being hit with a blunt force . It got to hurt! God is still watching over him at that time. Some people who got hit with the same equipment is not so lucky enough to tell the story what happen . I just thank God that he was working with Quin at that time . He was able to free him from the machine and called 911 . He probably screamed on top of his lungs . helpppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . I was sooo thankful to First Responder who took him to the right Hospital that is capable of treating this kind of injury.

He stayed in ER for 2 days . Doctors are really worried about the inflammation in his stomach. At first, they thought he had broken pelvis. But said, nothing wrong with the pelvis but there are non-supporting bones in lumbar area that was broken. The muscle in his left thigh was really badly damage . Over the course of 12 hours, he cannot take anything by mouth. 5 kinds of doctors monitored him every 4 hours. Then, they let him have cleared liquid and finally he was given solid food towards the end of 48 hours. He was running a fever here and there mostly low grade but it progressed to 100 degree before we left the hospital. The nurse said that it is normal to have a fever due to a lot of inflammation in his abdomen and legs. With a good dose of morphine, we drove home. He really doesn't want to go home but the hospital is private and with doctors diagnoses insurance company will not pay anymore . So, therefore he was discharged.
Less than 48 hours, we brought him to UNC Chapel Hill hospital- ER. In less than 4 hours, we knew he needs surgery. My big question is, Why did the other doctors cannot find anything????!!!!
They assembled a team of surgeons and by 4 pm he was wheeled to operating room. We meet the surgeons and said that they didn't really knew where the leakage is but they are going to explore and find it. They will going to do the best they can.
The surgery took more than 2 hours. The surgeon came out with a good news. Surgery went smoothly and he was stable the whole entire time. He said there are 2 issues they found. A laceration in his stomach. The fat and muscle in the abdomen separated. Second, there is a hole in his colon and toxic waste was already free flowing .The hole in the colon was really difficult to find . A young petite trauma surgeon found it in the back near the vertebrae. For 6 to 8 weeks , he is going to wear a colostomy bag for his waste. When everything healed doctors can put it back to to normal .
He was place in ICU for close monitoring for 3 days after the surgery. They were really worried of infection. He was then moved to a regular room and I was able to stay at night. It was really painful looking at him in severe pain and there is nothing I can do. Severe cramping in the stomach due to gas that was trapped and stomach trying to work again after severe trauma. He was given all kind of pain medicine plus the push button morphine when needed . I wished there is something I can do to make him fell better. I wished there is a magic button somewhere to pushed to take away all the pain. **sighed**

Last night he felt a little better . I was able to sleep for a few hours as well. I am really really tired at this time. Red Bull and coffee became my best friend.
At this time, I am still in the hospital with him. Hopefully, he can go home in a few days and dramatically improve at home .

I am very thankful to God that he is watching over him. Also, very thankful to his Family, all his friends and colleague in Chatham County Sheriff's department who prayed for his fast recovery and continued support .


  1. just steady calm yourself.. he'll be okey naman di ba, and remember Isabella is there who needs yout oo.. many prayers for Kirk.

  2. Thanks mommy Lindz... I am glad that her grandparents can take care of her while I focused my attention with hubby.

  3. we will pray for your husband mommy elaine. May he have a speedy recovery. You take care of yourself too ok? *hugs*