Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another snag....( hubby's update )

We were supposed to go home Saturday April 11, 2009. Doctor said that his white blood cell count is a little elevated . There might be an infection . Tomorrow , if it's still high they will have to do another CT scan to see what's going on in the Lumbar area. They had added another drain tube to collect the pus that was setting in the Lumbar region. Doctor said this was from the injury. They thought they had collected all of the toxic material. I guess, this is some microscopic toxic material left that was creating this problem.

I went home yesterday for about 3 hours. It helps my sanity to switch environment. Of course, I can walk to other places within the hospital but I choose to stay closer to him. He still have that stubborn streak trying to be man even in this situation like this. I think he still have a hard time trying to communicate what he truly felt in terms of pain ,breathing, and other issue. So, I have to talk to his nurse and tell them what I have observed.

When I came back yesterday, he said he went walking around the nurse station with the help of his uncle Dave and portable oxygen. He is still having a hard time breathing. We talk for a little bit and he told me with a sad face that he thinks we will not be able to come home tomorrow.
I said " how come? he replied , " I just have a feeling" I sensed a little sadness in him but I quickly try to changed topic. I don't want to borrow tomorrow's problem. I'll wait until we talk to the Doctors in the morning and find out.

All of the Nurse here are very caring and encouraging. We have Nurse Gail last night who was so encouraging about his situation that he got up yesterday around 9:00 pm and we walk again in the hallway and back. I knew it hurt but at the same time it will help him to keep the blood circulation going and build up his lung function. They slowly wane him off oxygen but at night when his oxygen saturation tends to fall below . It is really safe just to used it . The whole body needs oxygen to repair itself.

Today, April 12 2009 anxiously waiting for the Trauma doctors to come in and gave us good news I hope. But I guess, we hit another snag. I am still trying to be positive about it and he also understand that it is for his own benefit. They ruled out asthma and fluid in the lung area. Doc said that it sounds clear and no wheezing. They order another CT scan for him again to check for any possible blood clots in the lungs. If they find it , it's treatable. So, that's what we are now. Waiting around 3:00 pm for his CT scan. I am hoping doctors will find whatever is causing his shortness of breath.
I guess we know more by tomorrow and hoping it's positive. I thank everybody to the utmost bottom of my heart for their continued prayers and support.
p.s.. picture above is for fun only . what are you smoking honey?????


  1. Hello elaine, I hope he gets better soon...We will always pray for ur hubby's recovery....take care always....