Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Isabella's early 5th birthday at Grandparents house

Isabel just turn 5 today. She had an early birthday celebration at her grandparent's house last weekend and there will be another one this weekend. It will just be a small celebration. My daughter like to blow a flame out. She would ask me or her grandma to light a candle and pretend it was her birthday. Much to my surprise , her grandma bought this frank birthday candles that will instantly re lit by itself.
The candle blowing was so magical. Isabella enjoyed it very much. Just as she put out the flames, it will come back again. By the time it was finished she was out of breath. It was funny! It thought she enjoyed it.


  1. i had fun watching isabel blowing the candle... :D she is always a princess gyud oi.

  2. belated happy birthday isabella! i guess your celebration never ends hehehe (and you totally deserve it princess!)

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