Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Flower Girl

I love weddings. I even watch it a lot on TV from famous stars to Bridezella . This will be my 4th wedding that I will going to attend here in the US. It's so much different in US culture compared to Filipino tradition. A Filipino groom is mostly responsible for all financial aspect . At least that's how I had observed . Here in America , the brides parent is responsible for paying the reception . The most expensive part in a wedding.

Josh and his fiancee Elene are getting married in May. Josh is Isabel's first cousin . He is the son Becky and Don Trull. Becky is my husband's older sister.

Isabella is going to be one of the flower girl along with Kirsten. She is Isabel's 3 yeard old 2nd cousin. Yehahhh... I already bought a dress from http://www.cutieclothes.com/

So, I guess we are going shoe shopping when her Daddy felt better. For now, I will just look in the web.

( pictures: from cutieclothes.com)

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