Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The BodyGuard

I called him the "bodyguard" . Zake is been around before Isabella. He is infact our first baby adopted from SPCA of Wake County Raleigh NC in 1999. When I saw him, I immediately know he is mine. Zake is probably more than a year old when we got him . My calculation if I am correct he is probably about 12 years old .Come to think of it, if he is a real human being, I should have a teenager by now. But I guess in dog years, he is really old.

He is really very protective and yet gentle with Isabella. Whatever she does I have not heard of him complaining. Even when she pulls his tail. He just look at me with a pleading look to help him . He is always around when my daughter is playing outside and always check out someone first before even letting that person near Isabel. Even my in-laws. He always gets in the middle.

He is also a neighborhood watch dog. He doesn't like to stay home when no one is around . So he goes to hang out in Dave porch . He knows every car that goes in and out in the neighborhood . To a potential thief, he looks so intimidating and huge. But he is really gentle from the inside.

Lastly, he is also my walking buddy. He loves to accompany me when I do my walking routine .I guess he thinks he also needs to lost weight , huh? LOL...


  1. Wow. You have a wonderful dog ate. I wish to have one at home, but my husband don't want a dog. He said that there are more responsibilities once we get a dog and plus you can get sued if the dog hurt anyone.
    Isabella is very pretty ate. Malaki na siya.

  2. Hi Nelds, kamusta na? Getting ready for baby girl? I was just blessed that we lived in a large acre of land. He really have a plenty of room to roam around. That's true , it is really a huge responsibility to have a dog. They're like another human being, too. They have needs.

  3. You have a heart of gold mommy elaine. You chose to adopt. There are so many dogs out there who need a home. I have a dog too but i had to leave her sa pinas. When I saw your dog, I started to miss her.

  4. Oh.....I luv dogs even when I was so young. I had a puppy I trained before to hold a cupcake in his mouth and not to eat it until we reach home. We used to live close by a bakery. Every morning that was my chore to get hot pandesal.
    I bet you missed her so much...

  5. She is very pretty ate Elaine and I really love the video...She is beautiful..

  6. Thanks Stel... she is really growing like a weed.